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Eat, Pray, Love fever sweeps Bali  -  Asia Times
"We brought the movie here, we sold them on Bali and convinced them not to try to mimic it in Hawaii," Bali Film Center (BFC) director Deborah Gabinetti says. "I'm getting e-mails from Ubud cursing me." She expects the crowds to increase with the film's release. Thatís because after BFC assisted location shooting for the Korean soap opera Incident in Bali South Korean visitor numbers spiked.

In early 2007, EPL executive producer Stan Wlodkowski called Gabinetti to probe the potential for shooting  in Bali, and BFC assisted his initial visit. In October that year, Gabinetti invited Wlodkowski to the Balinale Film Festival she co-founded to help close the deal. "The reason for Stan to come to the festival was to meet filmmakers and to see that there is a viable film industry here that could support shooting." This October, Balinale is hosting the Jakarta and Bali premieres of EPL.  hosted PDF COPY - Link



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