About the Bali Film Center

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Bali Film Center (BFC) is a fully licensed Indonesian registered company focusing on full professional production support and services for filming throughout the country by streamlining and expediting the process from application, pre-production and production.

BFC’s team has more than 35 years combined experience in television, film and theater production, international print media and public relations. We are in the position to assist with all your production needs providing production & logistical support; facilitating national & provincial permits, customs clearance, crew & equipment hire, casting, location scouting & research.

Originally established in 2002 under the Bali Government Tourism Authority, BFC enjoys strong support from both national and regional authorities. We can act as the required sponsor during your time in Indonesia liaising with the related ministries and departments to ensure the necessary paperwork is in order and processed in a timely manner.

We handle all aspects of dealing with the provincial governments, clearances and location permissions (public areas, transportation systems, parks, etc.), coordinate the schedule and collect the related permits on your behalf.

BFC is a Founding Member of Asian Film Commission Network (AFCNet), Business Member of Location Managers Guild International, Member of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry and appointed ATA Carnet Film Organization, as well as, Founder of the annual Bali International Film Festival (aka Balinale).